Public Notice; Priceville is hiring!

Applications taken until close of business on 4/19/2024. Submit applications to City Hall.

City of Priceville Application

Public Notice

The City of Priceville is hiring for four positions;

(2) Maintenance

(2) Clerical positions

Maintenance Department,

General Description:

The purpose of this position is the efficient maintenance of city streets and wastewater system, parks and City buildings and equipment.


A minimum high school diploma required.  Mechanical and/or construction experience is a plus.

Must have a current driver’s license and be able to be insured by the City insurance company. CDL license and experience would be a plus. Must pass drug test and background  check.


Comply with and submit all required reports to ADEM on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and as needed in special circumstances.  Notify WWT Superintendent, WWT Chairman in case of any excursions.

Must be able to follow sampling procedures to catch samples for WWT plant. Maintain and repair all sewer lift stations, repair leaks in system as needed, working with PVC, PEX or concrete piping. Maintain and repair wastewater treatment plant, to include piping, valves, pumps, motors and instrumentation. Purchase all materials or contract personnel to do all needed repairs that can’t be made in house. Inspect all new sewer systems and lift stations prior to adding them to the existing wastewater system to ensure compliance with City standards. Keep current CEH’s required to maintain a Grade 1 or above operator’s license. Responsible for repairing or replacing all drainage culverts in the city, clean drainage ways of settlement and debris, cutting grass and pick up trash on city right of ways and other city property. Maintain and repair all city streets to include potholes and structural failures. Maintain all city owned buildings, parks, and playgrounds. Service and repair all city owned vehicles and maintenance equipment. Conduct brush and large item pickup throughout the city and dispose of properly. Purchase all materials or contract personnel to do all needed repairs as needed. Assist with setup for parades, and city functions in the park. Other functions as designated by department head and Mayor as directed.


Clerical Positions,

The purpose of this position is to provide excellent customer service to the public.  Answer phones, greet citizens, assist with scheduling inspections, assist citizens to resolve issues and problems that may arise.

Review/verify all collections, accurately post all money received, provide assistance and instruction to the public.  Applicant will work in several departments learning various roles in the City.  Positions will be entry level working toward a specialty in billing and receivables and or court clerk.  Must have a servants heart and a willingness to work with others as a team player and other unspecified duties as directed by the department head and the Mayor.



  • High school diploma/GED.
  • Associate degree or two years’ experience in accounting/bookkeeping.
  • Basic computer and office machine skills required.

Priceville Planning Commission Public Hearing Notices April 15, 2024



Hearing Notice 04152024 – Amend Subdivision Regulations

WHEREAS, Section 11-52-31 of the Code of Alabama (1975), as amended, authorizes the City
Planning Commission of the City of Priceville, Alabama (the “Commission”) to adopt regulations governing the subdivision of land within its jurisdiction; and
WHEREAS, the Subdivision Regulations for the Town of Priceville, initially adopted on July 10, 1975, have been amended numerous times, most recently on June 19, 2023; and
WHEREAS, the Commission finds that the City of Priceville and its surrounding areas are experiencing a period of significant new growth and development, including the subdivision and
development of properties for new business and residential purposes; and
WHEREAS, the Commission has developed and adopted a City of Priceville Comprehensive
Plan, with the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the City and its environs which will, in the best judgment of the Commission, promote health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare as well as efficiency and
economy in the process of development; and
WHEREAS, the Commission finds that it is in the best interest of the City of Priceville to
amend the Subdivision Regulations to reflect changes needed to accommodate and integrate new growth, while ensuring that the subdivision and development of land is consistent with the
Comprehensive Plan and to provide regulations governing the subdivision of land, including but not limited to the proper arrangement of streets in relation to other existing or planned streets and to the
Comprehensive Plan, for adequate and convenient open spaces for traffic, utilities, access of firefighting apparatus, recreation, light and air and for the avoidance of congestion of population, including minimum width and area of lots; and PENDING PUBLIC HEARING
WHEREAS, the Commission provided public notice, as required by law, of a public hearing to
consider the amended subdivision regulations; and
WHEREAS, a public hearing was held on April 15, 2024, as required by law, to receive public input and to consider amendment of the subdivision regulations.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Planning Commission of the City of
Priceville, Alabama, that the City of Priceville Subdivision Regulations are hereby amended and
adopted and shall read in their entirety as shown in Addendum A, attached hereto. All previous
versions and amendments of said Subdivision Regulations are repealed and rescinded in their entirety.
These Subdivision Regulations shall be certified to the Office of the Probate Judge of Morgan
County, Alabama.