Work in
Crossroads of North Alabama

Business needs and business opportunities meet at the Crossroads.

In Priceville, we know that the costs of doing business matter. That there are direct economic benefits from having a well-educated, highly skilled workforce as well as a healthy, streamlined transportation infrastructure.

We also know that there are benefits that you can’t always put a price on. That a rewarding place to work must be a rewarding place to live. That after a full, productive day, you can enjoy a quiet stroll with lightning bugs down tree-lined sidewalks. That your family can grab a delicious bite at the town center. That you can hit the nature trails for a few hours on any weekend of the year.

Your business can thrive here with immediate access to major highways, a vital shipping waterway and an international air hub just 15 minutes away. You’ll also have access to government agencies and development associations that can help you build your business.

We invite you to share in our warm, friendly atmosphere and our volunteer spirit as we preserve a small-town feel at the center of growth and progress.

Site Selection

There’s more to a successful business site than just location, location, location. Yes, the City of Priceville is located at the intersection of I-65 and AL 67, just 15 minutes from Huntsville International Airport. Yes, you’ll also be minutes from one of the largest barge terminals for shipping goods along the 650 mile Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway. And yes, you’ll experience the purchasing power of three metro area counties—Morgan, Limestone and Cullman.

See how Priceville’s workforce and economy compare to those of other U.S. cities of similar size here.

There’s also people, people, people. Not only are Priceville residents some of the friendliest you’ll meet, but they have the education, skills and work ethic to make your company a success.

Site Selection Magazine named the area one of its Top-10 metro rankings in markets less than 200,000 people for 2016.

Priceville’s cost of living index is 91 (based on a U.S. average of 100).

Providing for the area’s healthcare needs: a hospital, clinic, dozens of dentists, and more than 250 doctors representing a wide range of specialties.

Morgan County Statistics*
Population: 119,500
Civilian Labor Force: 55,106
Morgan County has a strong industrial base with over 245 companies.
Population within 45-mile radius: 912,121
Civilian Labor Force: 55,106
Unemployment Rate: 5.80%

*Statistics courtesy

Relocating a Business

Priceville’s lush green valley isn’t just a place where trees and flowers thrive. Our business climate is equally conducive to substantial growth.

Your project may be eligible for:

  • Site Preparation Grants
  • Department of Transportation Industrial Access Road and Bridge Program
  • USDA Rural Development loan, grant and loan guarantee programs
  • State and county tax credits and incentives

North Alabama Regional Council of Governments (NARCOG)
NARCOG assists local communities to fund projects promoting economic development and quality of life. Its Revolving Loan helps small local businesses and industries start up or expand, creating new jobs.

Environmental Permitting
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) administers all major federal environmental laws to offer a “one-stop shop” for regulatory environmental permitting.

We get Right to Work
Alabama is a right-to-work state. Currently in Morgan County, fewer than 6% of companies have union representation.

Property and Income Taxes
Morgan County property tax is assessed at 37.4 mills and will vary from $320.40 to $405.50 for a house valued at $100,000, depending on location. Our state personal income tax is capped at 5 percent. Corporate state income tax is capped at 6.5 percent. Retired federal income is exempt from state tax in Alabama. For more information visit the Morgan County Economic Development Association at

Starting a Business

If your business is looking to join a strong, diverse economy, Priceville is the place.

As you get started, Morgan County offers value added services and expertise to help you:

  • Get tax ID number and forms
  • Meet other state and local tax requirements
  • Acquire necessary licenses and permits
  • Choose a record keeping system and method of inventory control
  • Learn the legal steps of hiring and training employees

The Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce can provide information to help you decide the most suitable location for your business.

Please go to this site if you are a veteran looking to start a small business.

Municipal Departments

The City of Priceville welcomes new business and offers several resources to make yours feel at home.