Wastewater Department
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Wastewater Department


How do you pay your Priceville Wastewater payment? We offer online, bank draft, over the phone credit card payment, check, or cash options.

  • Mail: Priceville Wastewater, 242 Marco Drive, Priceville, AL 35603.
  • Online: Priceville Waster Water Online Billing
  • Credit Card Phone Payments: (888) 529-6165
  • Bank Draft:  Priceville Bank Draft Form
  • In Person:  Priceville Municipal Building Monday through Friday (9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M) or the afterhours drop box located on the front door of the Municipal Building.

Have you just moved to Priceville and need to get your wastewater account setup?  You can click on Sewer Application and Service Agreement to fill out the wastewater accounting form.  You may email the completed form to donnaeckl@cityofpriceville.com or bring it to the office.

If you have any wastewater billing questions, call Donna Eckl at (256) 355-5476, ext. 107. or email donnaeckl@cityofpriceville.com.


Waste Water Guidelines

Click Priceville Sewer Facilities Guidelines – 10192023to see our sewer system guidelines.

Click here for Sewer Tap-Permit


Donna Eckl, Wastewater Billing Clerk

Micheal Bell, Wastewater Operator

Matt Spicer, Planning Commission Secretary

Sam Heflin, Superintendent