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Building Department

In Priceville, we believe that building your home or business should be as simple a process as possible. Below are the links to the City of Priceville Building Permit, Gas Permit, Sewer Permit and Business License applications. If you have any questions, call the Municipal Building at (256) 355-5476, ext. 0 during normal business hours.

2015 I.C.C. and 2014 N.EC. Codes apply, including any revisions.

Paul “Chip” Spicer, Building Inspector/ Zoning Officer – ext. 105

Micheal Bell, Wastewater Operator – ext. 110

Matt Spicer, Planning Commission – ext. 109

Building Inspector Paul “Chip” Spicer
Priceville Municipal Building (256) 355-5476, ext. 105

To schedule an inspection, call the Municipal Building at (256) 355-5476 ext. 0 during normal business hours. 24-hour notice must be given for any inspection.
Re-inspections: one re-inspection is allowed at no charge. A minimum $50 re-inspection fee will apply for any subsequent re-inspections. All re-inspection fees must be paid prior to the issuance of any certificate of occupancy.


Applications may be obtained via the links provided above, or at the Municipal Building Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Applications must be submitted in-person at the Municipal Building. If you are unable to submit an application in-person, please call the Municipal Building at (256) 355-5476 ext. 0 during normal business hours.

Complete both sides of the application. On the back of the application, show property boundary lines with distances from the structures for the front, rear and side yards. Show all structures currently on the property. If the application is for an addition, show the current structure and the dimensions of the addition, along with the distances as outlined above. For new single-family dwellings, a site plan must be provided by a licensed surveyor or registered professional engineer for all Residential Districts, except for those in A-1, A-1-R or R-1 Districts, unless such need is deemed necessary by the approving authority. For multifamily and nonresidential development, a site plan must be submitted and approved in accordance with Article 12 and other supporting sections of the Priceville Zoning Ordinance, prior to application for a building permit.

The Building Inspector and Zoning Officer must approve all applications and blueprints before work begins. No zoning permit, building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be issued without his or her written approval.

Zoning Regulations apply to the Priceville City Limits. Residential permit fees are $7 per $1,000 market value of construction on all such improvements made. Commercial permit fees are $10 per $1,000 market value of construction on all such improvements made. No cost shall be required for any construction or improvements not exceeding $1,000 in value, although a building permit application is required to determine if inspections are applicable. A $12.50 blueprint review fee is also applicable.

Sewer and Natural Gas Permits must be applied for and purchased separately. Permits not obtained before work begins shall be double the standard permit fees. All contractors and subcontractors must obtain a Priceville Business License before doing work in the City of Priceville. Work will stop immediately if a license is not purchased. A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until all such contractors have a current license.

Any persons failing to comply with the above regulations shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall be fined $100 for each day the violation continues. (City Ordinance #1975-6 and #1988-3)


Gas piping shall be installed per the 2015 International Fuel Gas Code, including any revisions. Two inspections are required: 1.) A rough piping inspection shall be made after all new piping authorized by the permit has been installed, and 2.) Before any such piping has been covered or concealed, or any fixtures or gas appliances have been connected. This inspection shall include a pressure test. Method of testing: Gas piping shall withstand a pressure of at least 15 psi for a period of not less than 15 minutes without showing any drop in pressure. The test pressure shall never be less than twice the maximum pressure to which the piping will be subjected in operation. There will be a final pressure test after all appliances are connected, the piping has a shutoff and is capped. Consumer piping shall be brought to within eighteen (18) inches of the meter location. After the above specifications are met and approved, the Building Inspector will notify Wheeler Basin Natural Gas of such approval before any meters are unlocked.

Permit fees adopted by Ordinance 1997-04:
150,000 BTU or less BTU – $10
150,001 BTU to 250,000 BTU – $15
250,001 BTU to 500,000 BTU – $20
500,001 BTU to 1,000,000 BTU – $25
1,000,001 BTU to 1,500,00 BTU – $50
1,500,001 BTU and over – $75
For repair work/alterations/additions – $10
Gas piping only – $10