IMS, Inc.

Since our establishment as a tool and die shop in 1982, Industrial Manufacturing Specialties, Inc. (IMS, Inc.) has been advancing its core technologies, specializing in precision machining for the aerospace, energy, and industrial markets. Over 90% of our manufactured components function above the Kármán line.

The company vision for IMS, Inc. is to become the industry leader in the provision of large aerospace structural components through active pursuit of technological advancements, recruitment, and retention of highly skilled personnel – continually improving our processes to exceed customer expectations.

History of Industrial Manufacturing Specialties, Inc.

1982     Industrial Manufacturing Specialties, Inc. (IMS, Inc.) began business as Willis Tool & Die, Inc. Polan Willis, president, started the company after 17 years of experience as a tool-maker, shop manager, and engineer.

1984     The company began as a precision tooling and die-making operation then integrated mold-making in 1984.

1990     Willis Tool & Die, Inc. purchased IMS, Inc. and in 1990 the first CNC Machine was acquired.

1995     The company discontinued its die-making and press operations and began doing business as IMS, Inc.

2011     IMS, Inc. received certification in the AS9100 quality system.

2023     IMS, Inc. focuses on precision CNC machining with emphasis on production of large, aerospace structural components.